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Light and color in this house in Nashville

Each house we visited on Tuesdays holds a special charm that seduces us. It may be a small detail or the whole, but there is always something that catches our attention and makes us want to share this journey with you. Today we go to Nashville, the capital of the state of Tennessee, located the southern United States region. A house full of color and light where the combination of textures and styles make possible a very special decoration that I hope you like it as much as me. Do you want to prove it? We started the ride!

House in Nashville

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The entrance

Admission is functional and very decorative. It highlights a red bench perfect place to sit and put on before leaving home or where to leave a jacket so that it can take the time to leave. In another passage areas are the stairs to the second floor, with steps in white and wood with numbers drawn each.

Living rooms

There are two relaxation areas that stand out in this home. On the one hand, we find a living room perfect for a more intimate conversation and to enjoy good moments of reading, with a comfortable sofa facing the fireplace and large window. In the second space, something larger, we have a sofa, a poufs and carpets that children can play comfortably on them. Connects to a dining room through an arch that serves to separate the rooms.

House in Nashville

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Dining room

We entered the dining area starring a palette in shades of white with color details such as we see in the blue patterned carpet under an imposing wooden table surrounded by decorative chairs of different styles. A large lamp draws our attention, but all eyes end up going towards the Superman flying over the room and watches from the window.

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The bedrooms

In the bedrooms exhibits antique pieces that tell the story of the family. In fact, the swing of the master bedroom is a legacy of the ancestors of the owner of this house. Spectacular design headboard with tufted, also included in a bank located in the same room, divided as two separate columns that distinguish the other rest area for relaxing and reading areas. Books that mother and son enjoying together in the rocking chair in the small room before going to sleep.

House in Nashville

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The kitchen

The kitchen is designed in white and includes an island with wooden countertop and stools in black color that contrasts with the rest of the clearest tones used in this stay. I love this island lamps and decorative details such as a casserole hanging from the ceiling, a retro telephone, sheets and tables and plants that give joy to this place.

The bathroom

In the bathroom highlights the contrast between the rustic furniture s and faucet finishes and latest accessories. Beautiful mosaic floor and interesting combinations of colors between white serving as a backdrop, wood and more vivid pictures and accessories tones.



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