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Important Church Renovation Considerations

Determining whether or not your church needs an interior renovation can be difficult, but it is also an important step to take before committing the often-limited funds of the organization to such a cost-intensive project. If you are thinking about remodeling your church’s sanctuary, lobby or another area, do your research for beginning such a massive undertaking.

Finding Licensed, Qualified Professionals

Church leaders who find themselves in charge of hiring the staff to complete an interior or exterior renovation are encouraged to fully research the company that they are thinking of for the project. While your organization is a non-profit, the contractors and architects you hire will still be making a profit from the project; do your homework to ensure that the crew you select is both qualified and licensed.

Go with the Specialists

Although nearly any contractor worth his or her license can handle a simple addition or remodeling job that focuses on the common areas of your church, choosing someone who specializes in church interiors is necessary to achieve the look that you are going for in your space. When you need someone who can refinish pews, build theater-style seating or handle the light and sound equipment that you want to use to deliver a sermon to your congregants, opt to work with someone who understands the structural and aesthetic needs of a church.

Restoration versus Renovation

Another important consideration to make before hiring a company to overhaul your church is whether you want someone who can renovate the space or if you prefer an individual who can restore it. After all, old, beautiful churches deserve to keep their existing charm even if they need to be somewhat modernized in order to meet building codes. Many church leaders looking for contractors to complete the work that they need done immediately turn toward locals or even those within the congregation itself; while this is an admirable approach, working with a business that is experienced with church-specific needs may be appropriate.

Incorporate Everyone’s Ideas

Even after selecting professionals to make improvements on your church, it is important to ensure that members have an opinion in what sort of renovations occur; whether accomplished by a “town hall” meeting, popular vote or another method, working closely with the people who spiritually and financially support the church is solid way to keep members both informed about the organization’s future.

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