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Ideas to expand your house without getting into great works

It never seems a good time to start a great work at home. However, that does not mean we have to resign ourselves and keep the same decoration and distribution ever. There are ways to expand spaces and tricks that will help you visually enlarge the rooms without complicate life too. It is playing with the square footage available so that a particular area of your home look bigger than it is. Here we tell you how you can get it.

Wider entry

The entrance is the calling card of your home, the first thing you see when you arrive. In addition, you know that there is no second chance to make a good first impression … So if you want your guests are comfortable from the start, committed to the breadth of this place. If alone the entrance to your home is not overly large, quiet, there are resources to fix place lightweight and simple lines furniture, a mirror to visually enlarge the area and commitment light colors.

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Unite exterior and interior

Another way to expand your space without making a work is integrating the outside of your house inside. This can be achieved, for example, with the idea that I show in the image: making the seating area you believe in the balcony is an extension of the interior space of your home, so you will achieve the feeling of spaciousness is greater. You communicating these two areas will create an optical effect and rooms something bigger than they are. Simple and very effective.

Uniting living room and kitchen

Here perhaps pull you touch a wall, but only remove this separation will achieve one much wider area. Remember that there are tricks to differentiate environments and attain that visually are independent although the available surface area is large, clear, and more comfortable to move. Alternatively, if you do not like that they are fully communicated by topic odor, it is to replace the door that separated by a sliding to save space.

expand your house

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Light colors

We know that the use of light colors for decorating help us make spaces seem larger. The brightness is essential if you want to get that effect and, therefore, shades like white, raw or neutral will be your best allies, both to paint the walls and floor or even for furniture. You can always add a touch of color with accessories…

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If you do not feel like a great work realizes can spend available to make furniture to help you design a house that seems wider budget. It places low furniture that allows the eye passes over them, with very simple and pure lines, no robust elements. For a small bedroom you will be comfortable the folding beds or folding bunk beds and if you do not have much room for a wardrobe put a screen and a donkey to separate the sleeping area of clothing. There are always ways to maintain order without losing any style…

expand your house

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The bathroom

The bathroom is a room in the house that usually do not have too much space. To solve this one of the first things you can do is remove the bidet, occupying space and really if you’re not going to use is useless to have it. You can also change the bathtub for a shower and commitment to storage vertically, using all corners using shelves and shelves on the walls.

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