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Ideas to create a cozy autumn decoration

Autumn is here. Do you like to print your house different touches depending on what season of the year we are? Then it is time to create a beautiful autumn decoration and for this I will give you some very simple and always effective ideas that will make your home have that warm touch so characteristic. It is a time when, generally, there is less light and the cold seems to be installed (everything depends on the place where you live, of course) so it is about creating comfortable, bright and comfortable environments.

cozy autumn decoration

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Play with colors

One of the simplest ways to create an autumn decoration in your home is to play with the colors that remind us of this season. Oranges, beiges, ochres, reds or yellows will be the protagonists in this case. Remember that we are also looking for luminosity, so combine them with clearer ones such as white so that they contrast but not become too dark. If you want, you can also play with the softer ranges of autumn hues.

The pineapples

Pineapples are undoubtedly one of the most autumnal decorative accessories. They move us to the forests where the leaves begin to fall. In fact, you can catch some when you walk around these places to make a low cost decoration always special. You can put them in a wide, small glass container, or in a taller, narrow container. Look how beautiful they are, simply, in a yogurt-type jar.

cozy autumn decoration

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Dried flowers

You know that I love to use flowers and plants to decorate, and in autumn I really like using dried flowers. You can make a nice bouquet, put them in a wicker basket, in a vase, create a centerpiece or even frame some. This is very well, too, with dry leaves.

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Introduce aromas

You also know that many times I tell you that the aroma of a house is a fundamental part of the decoration. From my point of view the smells decorate and say a lot about where we are. Autumn is cinnamon, vanilla, orange and clove, autumn is pine and wet soil. Take advantage of all this and, through candles or other elements, adds a special touch to your decoration so you can enjoy the five senses.

cozy autumn decoration

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Pumpkins in Autumn

Although many people reserve them for Halloween decoration, the truth is that pumpkins can be used long before October 31 … They are very decorative during the fall, you do not need to put eyes or mouth but simply putting some shape strategic, you will be able to design very special corners.


In addition to modifying colors and adding decorative elements purely autumn another idea that I propose is to introduce other warmer textiles with cozy textures. It is the time to bet on the blankets, not yet very plump (those are kept for the purest winter), tablecloths and cushions with orange tones as protagonists. The environment will be transformed automatically.

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