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Ideas to aromatize your house in a natural way

Many times we have commented that the aroma of a house is also part of its decoration. Sure you love entering a home that receives you fresh and with a characteristic smell. Well the same thing you have to get in yours. Today we are going to see some ideas to achieve this. It is a matter of creating a very healthy and welcoming environment, and for this we will only use natural ingredients. Too easy!

aromatize your house

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Citrus Environments

In the decoration, everything depends on the tastes. The colors, the styles … and also the smells. If citrus are your favorites we go with a natural freshener very easy to prepare. For this we will use lemon and rosemary, two of my favorite aromas. You only have to pour in a pearl water with a few branches of fresh rosemary and a few slices or lemon slices. Make it boil and your house will start to smell great. If you run out of water you can add more and this mixture will have aroma for a few days. You can even put it in a bottle with a spray to be able to throw it wherever you like.

Home Cinnamon Air Freshener

I have to say that is not my favorite aroma but I know that many people like it. That’s why I include it. To make your air freshener you will only need cinnamon sticks and candles that do not have any type of smell. Put the candle on a plate and place several branches around. When you turn it on, the smell of cinnamon will spread through the room. As simple as that!

aromatize your house

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With aromatic plants

Aromatic plants help us to perfume in a natural way, as its name indicates. I love it in the kitchen although its aroma is perfect for any stay. The thyme and rosemary are the nicest, although you can also use spearmint, peppermint basil or oregano. You can put them as is, in the pot, or make some preparation by boiling some water with some of them and some cinnamon, for example.

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Fruity odor

If the fruity aromas are your favorite, we will make a natural freshener with nail and orange. Just insert the nail into the skin of an orange and you will get two things: the spice will eliminate bad odors and orange will bring the special fruity touch. In addition, it is decorative with the color so characteristic of this refreshing fruit, and more if you do some drawing with the nail as in this proposal of Hogarmanía. Imagination!

aromatize your house

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With a burner

The effect of the heat that the candle has also obtained if we place the mixture made in a large burner so that the aroma is coming out little by little. You will be able to choose what mix to apply and you will only have to give it a warm touch to impregnate everything. Surely when your guests arrive, they fall in love with the aroma so natural that your house has. For this mixture you have a lot of options (with lemons, oranges, cinnamon, ginger, aromatic plants …), that if you take it to a boil and leave it after heating here will carry a smell of the most special throughout the house.

Coffee to make homemade air freshener

Coffee is one of my favorite aromas. Freshly made in the morning he knows the cozy home and the warmth at home. If you want to achieve this effect, I propose to make a natural air freshener very special. You can do it in the same way that I have just had the cinnamon: put the coffee beans in a bowl and, in the middle, place a candle that does not smell. It will be enough to light the flame so that this special aroma will flood everything.


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