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Ideas for decorating with safari style

There are so many decorative styles that every home can be unique. Today we will focus on the aesthetics of the safari, a decoration with African reminiscences, savannah memories and much wild presence. With the ideas, I show you, you will be able to design some rooms with a lot of style. Of course, always from the subtlety, that in this case if we spend or do not combine well the elements we can sin of too excessive and create an unattractive decoration. Surely, you find the balance. Find out some ways to get it.


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The wood, protagonist

The wood is one of the materials that best feel the safari style. Especially pulling in the dark, even with a reddish tone. We see it in furniture, in floors and ceilings, and also in decorative elements such as animal sculptures or African symbols such as carvings or masks.

Animal print on safari decoration

Something that will undoubtedly remind us of this type of wild environment will be the print animal print. The zebra is wonderful in this decoration, also the tiger, and you can use it on carpets or cushions, for example. Also in some foil. Measurably, without passing, adding small touches that bring personality. Look at these examples. We see these types of prints on cushions and rugs, and even lining a drawer. They are very cool!


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The tissues

When you introduce textures through fabrics, you have several options. For example, the skin will look very nice, on carpets, sofas or armchairs. For bedding, curtains or cushions you can use cotton, which brings freshness and is very natural, and if you want to add a very special touch to the bedroom, add a mosquito netting in bed.

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The most appropriate colors

The color palette used in the safari style is wide, and predominantly dark. If you do not want the room to darken, you can use a clear base, such as beige or cream, for example, and add smaller elements in brown, black, orange, red, gold, etc. You can even add a bit of color by inserting a green one. As if, we were in the middle of nature.

Decorative accessories

On this basis we have designed only the decorative objects. Some ideas: place a plant with large leaves, figures carved in wood, animal heads, African masks, some timescale, pictures or plates allusive … All that can transport us to a safari without moving from the sofa. You can place them in all types of rooms, from the living room to the bedroom, also in the entrance of the house or in the hallway, as in any of these spaces will look good.


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An old suitcase or a trunk

Another idea to represent the African savannah and the world of safaris is to decorate with a trunk or old suitcases. This shifts a sense of adventure, travel. You can put an untreated wooden trunk or a suitcase lined with some printed fabric, or leather. It will be very cool in your decoration.

Pictures, pictures, pictures …

Another way to recreate these purely wild environments is to place on your walls pictures, prints, photographs or illustrations of animals, African tribes, or simply with geometric motifs that evoke safaris in brown, orange, cream and green colors.


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