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Ideas for decorating with forge furniture

There are decorative elements that, although they come from ancient times and past, they do not lose validity with the passage of the years and they even regain protagonism in certain styles and interiors today. This is the case of wrought iron furniture; perfect to give an air vintage to the rooms, or a rustic touch, depending on how and where to place. Today I bring you some thoughts to use and make your rooms awaken a special interest thanks to these pieces of iron.

forge furniture

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Combined with stone and wood

If you feel like giving your house a more rustic feel, you can combine your forge furniture with wood and stone. They look great, for example, in a country house, although today everything can be introduced in virtually any environment, so do not rule out the idea of doing it in your apartment in the city. There are current furniture forging more straight and simple lines that are very decorative and perfect for modern environments.

Forging bed

One of the places where the forge is most used is in the bedroom, specifically in bed. We see it in the headboards and even in the rest of the structure, and you can find with older, very curvy and sophisticated forms, and also with a more contemporary design, less cluttered and more simple lines. In any case, you will be able to design a very elegant and with a very romantic air.

forge furniture

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Furniture forged for a vintage decoration

In addition to a rustic style, the forging furniture looks great in vintage environments. You can put a chair in front of a wooden desk, for example, an iron headboard, a table … The combination with light wood help you easily create these places as decorative.

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Garden furniture

The outdoor furniture welcome fine wrought iron. They are pieces that have a slight French air, very romantic; Tables and chairs that evoke to us past times, classic, that we like to transfer until the present and to complement them with elements like textiles or a lighting of garlands, for example. Merge different styles, if done well, always gives a very original and decorative result.

forge furniture

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Wrought iron washbasins

Another place where we can stay wrought iron furniture is in the bathroom. You can put a an iron structure under the sink, or a narrow and very upright to keep your things tidy closet or cabinet over the toilet tank to take advantage of this stretch of wall that helps us with storage in this generally small room. In fact, the forging, not being robust and having a light appearance, is ideal for not recharging bathrooms.

Industrial Style

We have seen how pretty these furniture are in the vintage style and in the rustic, but what about the industrialist? They fit perfectly too! You can also opt for more straight to the legs of a table or back into the bed frame. You will see what a cool effect you can create.


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