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Ideas for a vibrant decor in fluorescent tones

With the arrival of summer fancy decoration give a more colorful and vibrant air. So today I show you some ideas for decorating with fluorescent colors, racy and very fun colors that will give your home an extra touch of joy and energy. And if you fancy, you can also leave the autumn-winter and the good roll is secured on your home throughout the year. Let’s see how to introduce and combine them.

To color stays

The fluorescent tones add much color and dynamism to any room where you include. You can do it with small decorative touches in textiles or pictures or through larger furniture such as tables, chairs or comfortable.

Vibrant decor in fluorescent

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Ringtones fluoride in small doses

One way to bring these colors to your decor is through light and subtle touches on a cushion in a picture frame on the bedspread, on a carpet or a vase or accessory. They combined with neutral colors highlight get the maximum.

In the walls

You can paint a wall with one of these tones. With suffice, if not the result can be excessive and what we want is to bring joy without saturating. What about on the bathroom tiles or kitchen? You can create a composition leaving most white but adding some color wall scattered to stand out a lot.

Vibrant decor in fluorescent

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At the gates

An ideal choice for a completely white room that you want to give a touch of personality and is fun option painted the door of a fluorine color. It is very original and undoubtedly will become the focal point of the room, that energy and good vibes will be filled if you add one of these tones. Leave the rest of the room in soft, neutral to that maximizes the door and not saturate the color space.

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Furniture fluorine colors

If you fancy filled introduce these colors in your house you can with furniture like tables, chairs, dressers, cupboards or lamps. I recommend you do not mix more than two colors to avoid overloading the room, or two shades of the same range … you manage to give it a churlish touch with these colors so intense and vivid. Of course, as I said before, on a neutral base they will be much better. On white, for example, they will give plenty of light to the environment and a greater sense of purity and freshness. Although, if you dare, on a dark background you will get some stunning contrasts…

Vibrant decor in fluorescent

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How to bring warmth to these environments

Perhaps you it may seem that a room decorated with fluorescent colors have a slightly cold look. If so, remember to add very “loving” textiles such as blankets on the couches or many cushions, and do not miss the wood, one of the materials provides more warmth. You get the room very cozy.


Another idea for decorating with colors fluoride is adding them to your terrace or outer space. They are fresh and vivid colors, great for those places outdoors where you enjoy your summer evenings. You can put some cushions, a table cloth, a garland or a candle holder in these colors to be these pieces that highlight and hogging all eyes.


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