Love your Freeview but having trouble getting a good picture? Then you could have a weak TV signal. Improve the strength and you’ll stop that annoying pixilation and picture break-up that stops you enjoying your favourite shows. Here are six ways to tackle the problem.

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1. Use an Outdoor Aerial

This is one of the most straightforward ways to improve your signal. Install an outdoor aerial and it’ll be free of the interference that can weaken the signal.

If your aerial is currently in your loft, moving it outside can help you get a better signal. Securing your aerial to your chimney is ideal.

2. Use a Higher-Gain Aerial

If you live in a poor reception area or you’re running multiple TV sets from one aerial, try using a high-gain device.

This will improve the acceptance angle and therefore the signal you receive. These aerials are generally larger and a job for the specialist. For TV Aerial Installation Cardiff homes can rely on or another professional installer.

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3. Align Your TV

This is another job for the professionals, but it can make all the difference to the signal you receive. If you’ve opted for a higher-gain aerial, alignment will be part of the installation.

4. Install Good-Quality Coaxial Cable

Unless you use a good-quality cable that’s double screened and has a stranded centre conductor, you could be losing signal power all along the cable. Look for coaxial manufactured from copper for the best results.

5. Check the Transmitter

If you’re experiencing a weak signal, it’s always worth checking that you’re using the optimal transmitter. It could be that, since the original installation was done, another more powerful transmitter has come online.

Avoid aligning to Freeview Lite transmitters, as they only receive some of the Freeview services. If you don’t know the strongest transmitter for your area, try the Freeview website.

6. Get Rid of Splitters

If you’ve installed splitters to run multiple TV sets from one aerial, then you may be better off installing distribution amplifiers. Splitters will weaken the signal the more often it’s split, so if you’re already in a weak signal area you could be adding to your problems.

A distribution amplifier won’t lose signal and can in fact boost it by about 10dB for great pictures!


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