If your garage isn’t really doing a great deal other than collecting junk, it may be time for you to have a re-think. It is after all one room of your home that is wasted. There are many other uses for it, from teenagers’ den, to man cave to kids’ playroom – but first you have to tackle the junk that is in there! You might even want to put your car in there and give it a bit of a makeover with some new doors from this garage doors Cheltenham based company – whatever you want to do with it here is how you start…

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You probably have lots of things in there that are in perfectly good order, but you no longer use – toys that the kids have grown out of perhaps? You could start by selling these on sites such as Shpock – this can help you to raise some funds for the garage makeover!

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The rest of it is probably junk – if it doesn’t work anymore or is broken, take it to your local tip or arrange to have a skip brought to your home. It depends on how much junk you have in there!

Once it is all clear you can really get in there and give it a good clean. You probably don’t recognise it at all now, but now you can finally get on with the fun bit – turning it into a useful room that you can actually use!

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