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How Landscape Lighting Can Help You Sell Your Home

It’s no secret that the first impression your home makes on a potential buyer is the most important. An important part of the overall strategy to make your home more attractive to potential buyers is to show them all the potential your home possesses. Most homeowners understand that landscaping and welcoming entryways are an important part of crafting that winning first impression. The right lighting design plan can help your home make an impactful first impression on potential buyers.
Light means safety, and a lighting design plan shines a light on all the spaces where that safety is needed most. Sidewalks and entry ways can be illuminated to prevent missteps and falls. The entire property can be lit in ways that discourage burglars without the need for glaring floodlights.

When your home has an attractive lighting plan, your front yard becomes your foyer, and your back yard becomes additional living space, an extension of your indoor space that functions for parties and family time no matter what time of day it is. A patio becomes an outdoor family room; a lighted seating area becomes space for an intimate gathering. Light has the ability to draw the eyes up and away from the confines of your home’s lot size, giving the impression that the space is open and inviting. When you move seamlessly from indoor living areas to outdoor spaces, your home feels larger than its designated square footage.

A beautiful landscape is only beautiful during the day, but a lighted garden is beautiful all the time. A landscape lighting design can create the beauty and romance of a moonlit night regardless of the moon’s actual phase. Down-lit flower beds can draw attention to night-blooming flowers in a way captures the warmth and mystery of a summer night. Up-lit trees can enhance the beauty of your winter landscape by accenting line, form and contrast.

While it’s true that most open houses are held on weekend afternoons, many people visit the homes they wish to view in the evening after work in preparation for their weekend home viewings. They deliberately investigate what happens in your neighborhood after dark, so lighting plays an important role in how attractive your home is, how safe it appears to be, how many walk-throughs you get during your open house, how competitive the bidding is, and how quickly you get a buyer for your property.

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