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How Do Bay Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Bay windows represent an increasingly popular option for homeowners. They have a different appeal than standard windows. Jutting out from the walls of the house, bay windows add some volume and provide a new perspective of the world outside. You could peek out at the natural world, watching bugs and animals without having to worry about being bitten. Watch the traffic go by or the neighbors pass in front of your house and wonder at your stylish new addition.

Bay Windows Brighten Up the Room

Three separate windows at different angles allow a lot of natural light in. You can grow flowers on the ledge or cook while being bathed in warm sunlight. More light also means less energy used to warm the house during the winter, so your energy bills may be lower. The appearance and volume of bay windows are enough to make the occupants of your home more comfortable and happy.

More Storage Options are Available

Adding bay windows increases the amount of storage in your house. Window seats can integrate drawers, which double as storage bins and cushioned seats on top. Even a home office can be integrated into the space created by a bay window. You can use the storage area to hold all your paperwork or keep those kids toys and old books out of the way.

Make an Architectural Statement

Bay windows are as much functional as they are aesthetically appealing. Renewal by Andersen sells many designs and options, so you could add bay windows to the upper and bottom floors. You could also install multiple bay windows across the front facade. The structure of a house is basically square, but now you can easily change that and give the structure new dimensions.

Pick the Style of Your Choice

There are endless possibilities in regards to style. The choices available with other types of windows apply to bay windows as well; you could choose all glass, no grille, double hung, arched, and casement windows and even awnings. You can select any of these based solely on what you like, or to match the age and style of the house.

Comfort and Versatility

With bay windows, you’re not limited to getting a breeze from just one angle. Fresh air from multiple angles can ventilate the home, and it also feels pleasant. That can make things enjoyable for homeowners, their families, and guests on any day, plus bay windows can be installed anywhere. They’re great in living rooms, kitchens, or reading areas. As you can see, adding bay windows can add value to your home in many ways; the investment is well worth it and they can be a selling point if you someday put the house on the market.

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