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Green I want you green, the plant is fashionable

The world is moving almost imperceptibly, technology gives us more and more information and there are gadgets that revolutionize our daily lives but awareness for the environment is growing increasingly. The green is worn, not only in the famous milkshakes “detox” celebs who take it in all fields and decoration could not be less. So today we bring you these proposals in the plant kingdom is the protagonist, so you choose the one that best suits your home.

Decorating with nature

Sometimes there is that many laps to find the perfect missing element to crown the decor of a room. You have to focus more on the environment around us and in the natural elements that have very close. Who was going to say to you with two simple dead fall that you found in the woods you could decorate the room? I would not only contribute to the corner personality but you can use them rack or place a few lights around to remember those summer nights with stars that you love.


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The branches that fall in seasonal changes, log pieces that have aged or simple leaves nature can become a decorative object greatly appreciated. Try everything thoroughly clean the outside to collect not have insect problems, apply a coat of clear varnish on them and disposal in that place where you were not sure what to put. The personality of your home will change completely.

Printings vegetables, a good choice

If you are someone who does not have much time to go out and find objects in the forest but you love green landscapes and nature, a very good option is to choose a wallpaper with vegetable prints.

You can place it in entire rooms or only on some walls of the house to give a special and very particular touch. A role of tropical flower print as the image will become the center of attention and will make your room your favorite corner.

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Furniture from recycled items

Every time it is more fashionable to recycle some elements to create more innovative and different. The case of the pallets is really interesting because you can find them on the street and with just one hand paint, some glue and a few simple tools can make them the most authentic furniture throughout your house. What is clear is that no friend to visit you can say, “I have the same headboard you”.


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In addition, speaking of furniture must mention the wood color, those who only have a layer of protective varnish but retain the authentic color. Provide that rustic feel both free and oxygenate like and something recharged many environments. If you also paint the wall green, you feel like nature envelops stay.

Plants everywhere

We cannot mention the plant world and not to mention how wonderful decorate any room with many plants. There is always a place in the house where a simple green leaves make it authentic and special. Try to keep them in good condition, watering them when they need it and changing them if they get something wilted. There are no rules for decorating with plants, put all you like, but always with consistency and taste.

Gardens in your own garden

However, to become a true lover of the plant you have to take advantage of some corner of your garden to create a home garden. Small and with products that you like dimensions. Not only you have fresh vegetables in the door of your house but if you care properly and plants the seeds with some aesthetic thought you can have a great decoration at the right times.

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