One of the most important aspects of design in spaces, especially workspaces and heavily trafficked areas, is flow. When you are moving around your house, do you find yourself bumping into things, or bumping into your housemates as you’re trying to do something else? The home might have bad flow. Here are a few areas of your home where flow is incredibly important.


Perhaps the area most affected by flow is the kitchen. In many homes, the kitchen is the hub around which everything else in the home turns. People move through the kitchen quickly, and for different reasons. You make be cooking while your spouse is putting away dishes and your kid is trying to get a drink out of the fridge without careful kitchen designs Scarborough ME or your area, your kitchen can turn into a train wreck.

Work Areas

Work areas, especially active workspaces, are affected by flow. The workshop, if you do a lot of construction projects, or the garden if you’re more of a plant enthusiast are both potential active work zones. However, if you work from home you may find that your own personal office has its own flow issues that can be addressed by rearrangements.

Entrances, Exits and Hallways

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in a room to create flow issues. There are high-traffic areas in your house that you don’t linger in, like entrances, exits and hallways. Flow is important here as well.

Your home isn’t a dollhouse and you aren’t an inanimate doll. You move through the space, and so does the rest of your family. Flow a complicated thing to consider but it’s an incredibly important aspect of interior design, so when you’re arranging furniture, adding decorative touches or thinking about a remodel, don’t forget to consider flow and how people will move through the space.

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