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How to get married , date

The most popular and romantic date in the warm period of the year is a date on the roof, which you can organize both yourself and by resorting to the help of various agencies. To organize such an unusual meeting, you need to start preparing for a few weeks for the anticipated holiday. First of all, you will need to choose the observation deck of the roof on which your meeting will takedate

It should be quite spacious, it should not have holes. Wires and antennas. If you organize a meeting on the roof of a residential building, you must take a permit from the manager of the house and the residents to carry out this event. That’s why it’s much more convenient to arrange a date on the roof through the agency since they will prepare all necessary papers for you to hold such an unusual romantic evening without. Read more: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Quonset Hut Built

date After the problems with the meeting place on the roof are settled, you should take care of the props. In this case, there are two options for organizing such a date. The first is that you and your chosen one will sit on a rooftop on a blanket or on soft pillows, and the second option is that the roof of the building will house furniture as a full-fledged cafe or restaurant. If you decide to choose the second option, with furniture, then you can ask your friends to arrange tables and chairs, as well as decorate the place on the roof where your meeting will take place. Since you can not get yourself to decorate the roof in advance, you should carefully plan your time in time to decorate everything and cover the tables and bring the beloved to the roof. Read more: Four Types of Flooring Installation Explained

date How to organize a date on The simplest option is to prepare a snack and add it to the picnic basket, this method is suitable for organizing a date on the roof in a picnic format. If you decide to set the table as in a restaurant, then you can order sushi or some dishes from the cafe. Carefully approach the choice of alcoholic beverages, it is best to buy wine or martini. Do not buy and consume during such a date a large amount of alcohol, because after all the roof of the building is rather dangerous.

As a surprise and entertaining moment for your date on the roof, you can hire musicians who will play you on various musical instruments, during your romantic evening on the roof.

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