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Garage storage and organisation inspiration

Making the most of available space is one of the challenges of customising a home to suit your needs. Don’t just think about the space inside your house; the garage probably needs some attention in order to store all the items that typically end up in garages. The amateur mechanic in particular will appreciate having a system for stashing all their precious parts and tools.

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Clever ideas

Today, storing items in the garage encompasses a whole range of options that have harnessed innovation. For example, if you own a bicycle or two, instead of leaving them in a tangled pile on the ground, they can have their own bike shelf. This saves space and also creates a horizontal surface to place the helmet. Another solution is using shelves that are designed to hold and display a range of tools, such as screwdrivers in different sizes or even racks for storing large items like rakes or shovels.

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Slide and store

Another solution for creating more space in the garage is to install a system on the ceiling that is designed to hold sliding bins. Alternatively, racks can be installed on the walls under which plastic bins can hang or brace themselves. Intelligent shelving is also a vital part of making the most of your garage. Shelving can be chosen and designed to accommodate tricky spaces, tools that are strange shapes, or container bins of a certain width and height that can be placed in corners and enable space saving stacking, combined with the convenience of easy access.

Smart shelves

Putting up your own shelves is always an option, but it can be quite a lot of work to do it so that they look good and are level. There are some tips for putting up shelves in this report from The Guardian. When looking for quality garage shelving systems, it can be helpful to consult experts such as https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/, who can give you a comprehensive idea of the options available.

The garage generally offers lots of storage solutions, especially if the space is used creatively and efficiently. You will probably be surprised by what you can fit in there with a clever shelving and storage system in place that allows you to tidy everything away to be easily identified and accessed when needed.

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