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Feng Shui ideas to decorate your kitchen

The Feng Shui is the ancient discipline that gives us guidelines on how to decorate our house to environmental conditions favor the harmony and well – being at home. Today I want to focus on the kitchen, a stay that, according to Feng Shui, is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. So if you want to promote both things, do not miss anything of what I tell you next.

Feng Shui Decor

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Balance between natural elements

The five natural elements come together in the kitchen, so it is important that there is a balance between everyone, whenever possible, of course. Fire (oven, microwave, plate, toaster, coffee machine …), Water (dishwasher, sink, washing machine and fridge), Wood (furniture and some utensils), Metal (handles, cutlery, etc.) and Earth (glass objects, floor, walls …) coexist in this space and must do so harmoniously.

It is important to put together the elements of Fire and together those of Water. Avoid that one of Water is next to another Fire or that they are facing each other. If the distribution of your kitchen does not allow it, you can separate them with steel or wooden objects.

What colors to use?

According to Feng Shui, you have to use colors of the element Fire as red and Water as blue very moderately. Recommend painting the walls with neutral tones such as white or cream and betting on the tones of the element Wood or Earth, such as browns, greens, etc.

Feng Shui Decor

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Order and cleaning

Although we already know this even if Feng Shui does not tell us, the truth is that this discipline goes further and invites us to maintain order in the kitchen to favor prosperity and good energies. The stoves (representation of self-love) should not be covered. The oven symbolizes the entrance of money and the sink, the couple’s love and self-esteem. Therefore, both should always be clean and in perfect condition, avoiding putting one followed by the other.

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Illuminated and well-ventilated kitchen

If your kitchen is well ventilated, you will prevent the Chi energy from stagnating and flowing properly. Open the windows every morning. In terms of lighting, Feng Shui relies on natural light, but if it is not possible or when you are in it at night, place lamps that perfectly illuminate the surface of the room and also others that illuminate the area of work.

Feng Shui Decor

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Natural decoration

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, you will be sure of any natural element such as fresh flowers, fruit, green plants … If you do not have enough space or you do not want to saturate the space you can hang pictures or pictures with related drawings. All this promotes, once again, the good circulation of Chi energy.

The ubication

This is a bit more complicated to fulfill if your kitchen is where it is when you buy or rent your house. Simpler if you are planning your design and you can choose … But, nevertheless, I tell you what Feng Shui says so you know and decide. According to this oriental art, it is recommended that the kitchen be near the entrance door to the house and not in the central part. Recommend that you do not see from this main entrance or from outside, something that is easily solved by putting some curtains in the window, for example. It can be close to the bathroom, but not with the doors facing each other.

As for the interior layout, it is advisable that you do not stand with your back to the door while you are cooking.

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