A help to buy valuation is another process surveyors can undertake with the right qualifications. It is a perfect example of a job where a person has to consistently be aware of changes in their industry, and in this case, their market. Housing values change constantly, and some surveyors disagree on prices.

Working in real estate can be a very fast paced and stressful job depending on the city people are based in. Los Angeles, New York and London are known for having real estate agencies with very high listings in the millions which gives them opportunities to earn a lot of money. Commission rates differ but can be determined before the selling or purchasing of a house. Many estate agents also need to be very discreet and occasionally sign non-disclosure agreements, otherwise known as confidentiality agreements, when working with high profile and high net worth clients. These clients can include celebrities and politicians. Their privacy can be very important due to safety reasons and is often breached by paparazzi and media outlets. This exposure can make them very vulnerable to crimes such as robberies. Many of these clients also insure all their valuable assets in case of a theft.

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