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Engineering wood flooring installations and Karndean-opus

Engineering wood is a type of wood manufactured using a special structure. It gives the floor a special hardness. In this way, engineering wood becomes much more resistant than solid wood. Because of its shape and composition. It also has better stability and less susceptible to changes in its structure due to weather.

Engineering wood flooring

Before placing an engineered wood, it is important to know its characteristics, care, and maintenance that is necessary to give them. Ensure complete satisfaction with the purchase of a Karndean-opus wooden floor.

Characteristics of engineering wood

Engineered wood goods are used in different varieties and tenders similar to hard products. Processed wood may be preferable to hardwood in some presentations. Due to certain comparative advantages:

  • Engineering wood is designed to meet the presentation supplies of specific applications.
  • Large panels of engineered wood can be made from small diameter tree fibers.
  • Small pieces of wood and wood that have faults, can be used in many wood products. Mainly particleboard and fiberboard.

How to install engineered wood flooring

It is very easy to install an engineered wood floor; there are very important aspects to take into account that require experts to achieve the best benefits of the investment of our customers.

Some important aspects that should be taken into account to install an engineering floor are:


The floor must be completely level so that the wooden floor looks. The wood is flexible and does not hide any unevenness, on the contrary, it makes it more evident. So if the floor presents undulations or significant declines will be necessary to put a plywood base (as shown in the photo) to hide all these defects.


We have already said on other occasions that the main enemy of wood is water. It must be avoided at all times, and this does not exempt the installation. If the floor presents humidity, it is very important to identify the source of the humidity and repair it. If necessary, place waterproofing and sealants. Our installers will give you a solution to solve the problem of residual moisture when the source of it has already been repaired.

Expansion Board

Like any physical body, engineering floors suffer from elongation, that is, they grow and decrease according to environmental conditions. A good installation should consider these variations through an expansion joint on all the edges of the floor. This expansion board is what makes the box necessary so that it is not visible to floor users.


In marking several kinds of wood glue satisfy the assembly needs of the engineering floor. This seems irrelevant because the staves have male and female and the assembly is very precise gives the impression that the glue is not so important. But this is not so. The combined time with the use, the natural elongation and the own movement of the wood must be counteracted with the best glue quality possible. In Tabula we use the best in the market that guarantees that once the stave is stuck, it could only be separated by breaking it.

Karndean-opus floors for quick and long-lasting installation

The luxury vinyl flooring line from Karndean opus flooring, inspired by wood and stone. It offers a fast and clean placement, easy maintenance and adaptability to any type and shape of the surface.

They are luxury vinyl floors

It has the exclusivity of the commercialization of this product in the all country. Karndean is a company of floors and coatings, the largest in the world, which developed this product in different ranges.

For this work the floating floor was raised, the self-leveling material was placed (cement with additives of 3 mm thickness), it was allowed to set, and the plastic floor was placed. All this was done in one day. The venue was closed on a Monday morning and Tuesday it opened to the public normally. No furniture was covered because nothing gets dirty. However, we clarified that this work took longer than usual because it had to remove the floating floor that existed.


This new technology allows to be placed on any interior surface. It does not require the use of joints or other aggregates and is a dry installation. They are ideal for shopping centers, hospitals, businesses, schools, restaurants, wineries, private home.

Another advantage is that stand out of these floors is the maintenance. Water and a rag is enough. They do not require waxes or special products.

These coatings offer two ranges: the rustic appearance of traditional wood and the characteristic texture and complex designs of quarry stone or classic marble.

Another flooring similar to karndean opus flooring

The Art Select premium flooring line includes highly realistic floors with hand-carved wood, parquet and limestone effects. The classic Da Vinci premium line includes thin, smooth wooden boards with a beveled edge and a wide range of traditional ceramic and stone effect. Van Gogh has wooden boards that mimic the character of the real wood. Opus is a new collection that includes a selection of contemporary grays and available in formats of big size.

Karndean opus flooring has the designs of metallic texture, mosaics, and stone. Knight Tile has a versatile collection of strips and edges to match with most designs with wood or stone effects. Because of the technology they offer, these floors are ideal for those who want a quick and clean solution. It highlights the warmth to the touch of the same and can be used for radiant earthenware.

Final words,

Engineering wood is acoustically and thermally superior to other material. Also, it presents an exclusive line with special acoustics for buildings: karndean opus. Another advantage is that it is a flexible material. So, those inspired by unconventional designs have a solution.

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