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Decorating trends for 2016 – Part 1

Are you already looking for new decorating trends for 2016? In the second part of our article, we present trends and issues more perfect for interior decoration in the next year.

  1. Copper

This reddish metal is no stranger to the decorative objects; however they will impose next year. Especially in kitchens and furniture is very fashionable. Also lamps, candlesticks, and vases are decorated with metallic elements.

  1. Dark Kitchen

The kitchen is always an important point when it comes to decorating trends. The central room for family and friends will be in 2016 with natural wood and copper elements. Kitchens are also dark fashion and vary from dark gray to black. For some tastes may still be somewhat difficult to assimilate, but gives the kitchen a noble and elegant touch.

  1. Green Tones

The greens are mainly seizing the bedroom, from the fern moss green in all its variants found in nature. The greens are also the basis for a series of accessories inspired graphics forest or jungle elements.

Decorating trends

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  1. Silver and gray

The combination of silver and gray also an accessory is suitable for the bedroom. It is a cold mixture and also helps to have a good rest.

  1. Oriental Charm

Asian patterns or Chinese cherry leaves our bedrooms patterns they paid next year. Give an oriental air to your home.

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