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Decorating an attic and turning it into a pleasing place to live in – Some ideas

Creating extra living space within the attic can be a creative way of making the utmost use of the square footage. But in order to make the best use of the newfound space, you got to address the challenges which you have to face with attics, like steeply sloped ceilings and some awkward layouts to hard-to-dress windows and low light. If you’ve been thinking of decorating your attic in the best way possible, you have perhaps clicked on the right article. The concerns of this post will tell you about the most creative ways of designing your attic and making it a better place to live in.

  • Determine the space that you have: Make sure you measure every nook and corner of the space of the attic and you don’t leave anything out. Particularly, if your attic is pretty small, you should know about every single inch that you can design. You don’t need to fret as there are many kinds of ways in which you can work with small nooks, narrow passages and low eaves. Take down the measurements to the main bedroom and then compare the numbers to give you a clue to which might fit better in the attic. If you can only do a bit of research before time, you can let your creativity flowing.
  • Try to know the romance of the attic bedroom: Don’t you think that it will be cozy enough to have a child’s bed tucked under the eave of the attic bedroom? Kids usually love to be within cozy spaces and hence converting the attic into the room of a child is definitely a better choice. If you can create white panelled walls, this will even increase the feeling of a cute cottage.
  • Get a built in bed and increase storage: When you add a comfortable bed at the corner of the room, it can become even more functional when you add a shelving plus storage under the foot and also under the bed. Beds which have increased storage can help you store things within it so that you don’t need to store them elsewhere. If you wish to position a bed for a bigger kid, it should be positioned beneath the highest part of the ceiling.
  • Maximize space by including white color: Even if you wouldn’t want to shy away from using white color on the ceiling, floors and walls and this can be the best way to open up the space. Usually the rooms which are upstairs gain less foot traffic and hence there is less dirt trapped in. Therefore it becomes pretty easier to keep floors white and the best thing about being surrounded by white is that you feel that you’re surrounded by puffy cloud, which is different from dark attic.
  • Paint the floor: Whether you choose any other color or white color, painted floors can become a very smart choice for the attic. They reflect more light than wood and paint can create a great finish for the less-costly wood flooring. These ideas are a great way of staying on budget.

If you have a skylight or a space where you would want to move up, you can keep loft ladders and hatches for making its maximum usage.

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