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Decorate the house with candles

Illuminate, decorate, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere … definitely, candles are ideal for lighting and decorating every corner of the house and do it in a special way complement.

It is amazing that we get so much with so little. However, indeed it is. Candles find us a world with infinite decorative possibilities and we introduce some of them. You dare… Discover our ideas for decorating with candles!

Decorate with candles

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Candles Whole House

Candles provide a warm and soft light that helps create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere that invites relaxation. So they are highly recommended in places used to break such as the living room and bedroom. Although they are also a great resource abroad, such as in the garden or on the terrace.

Some supplements also perfectly suited to the type of decoration, both bohemians environments and contemporary spaces, romantic style, exotic … The key is to find the most suitable type of candle for each environment: the shape, color, presentation and design.

For myriad styles

In classic environments, candles in candelabra and candlesticks are a great solution. The lanterns have also become very fashionable and fit perfectly into any space, either indoors or outdoors. We can even hang from a tree branch or ceiling so turn them into a makeshift lamp.

Decorate with candles

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For die-hard romantics and creative excellence, we can also turn to a glass of wine and placed inside a rose. While at the top, we can put a small candle. As creative as stylish touch that will make a difference.

If we want to decorate a rustic space, nothing better than opt for a traditional oil lamps. A classic and rustic touch that brings us the authentic charm. The cut – glass containers and different colors are other great ideas for decorating with candles. Therefore, we create a decorative lighting effect such as special. Best of all is that these holders also decorate even with the unlit candle.

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DIY candles

However, is not the end all, since we can also make our own decorations with candles. Do It Yourself (DIY). Therefore, we recommend you place your candles in jars, glasses or glass jars or glass. Search in the kitchen because sure to find something you can use. Recycle your old jars because you can give them a new use.

And if we want to further customize our decor, we can always brighten our candleholder with artificial or dried flowers, sea shells, wild pineapples freshly picked from the field, river stones, branches and leaves … We can put our candles accompanied by all of these elements in a decorative tray or glass jars. Silver trays are an excellent choice.

Decorate with candles

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You are looking for something different

You want something different. Do not forget you can also choose floating candles and place them in a bowl with water inside. We can even use wine bottles as candleholders improvised.

The cages vintage style is an accessory that has become very fashionable for some years. Therefore, we recommend you use it as a candleholder. You can make it a center table or hang it from any corner of the house.

Finally, we must not forget either of scented candles. With them not only, we decorate one room, but also impregnate the spaces with its irresistible fragrance.

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