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How to choose bedroom carpet

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and it’s essential that you decorate this room in the way that pleases you, for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The carpet is a major part of the room, as it serves as the base layer for colour and adds warmth to the room. Read on for some advice on how to choose the perfect bedroom carpet.

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As the bedroom carpet will not get as much wear and tear as the flooring of a hallway or living room, you can afford to choose a softer material. There are many alternatives to carpet, such as bamboo, sisal and cork, but a plush thick-pile carpet is always a popular, luxurious choice for the bedroom.

Colours and textures

While the texture of your bedroom carpet can be softer than in other rooms, with large open weave and lush thick pile carpet being popular choices, colour is another area of importance. The colour of your carpet can transform a room, making it feel more relaxing, romantic or peaceful, depending on the shade chosen.

This year, many people are opting for a darker carpet shade. This can feel quite luxurious and decadent. Lighter carpets give a fresher, cleaner and more peaceful feel, but darker hues are bolder, more dramatic and can be more refined. Dark colours can make the most of a rich weave and create a stronger textured appearance.

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Versatility is important in a carpet, so a neutral shade is a good idea. A darker shade of charcoal, taupe or sand would be more hard-wearing than a lighter shade. So if there are little children or pets in the house, a darker shade with mid-tones and flecks in the material can also disguise any potential stains

Practical considerations

If the carpet does get stained, Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company, GNC (http://gnccontractservices.com/) recommends calling in the experts. With years of experience and professional equipment, specialist cleaning firms can make your carpet look like new again.

Grey is always popular for bedrooms, as is taupe. However, the most important thing is to make sure the carpet matches the rest of the room. So think about your wallpaper or paint colour and the colours of your accessories, such as your bed linen, cushions and curtains. The carpet should always complement the main feature of the room.

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