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Bright, fresh apartment in Madrid

On trips every spectacular homes we always go to international cities, but today we will stay in Madrid to meet a very bright very nice house, whose interior is the work of Bethlehem Ferrándiz. With an open layout, it was renovated to give it a very natural air with great prominence of the details, with photographs in black and furnishings that combine style and white vintage with very cheerful designs. You want to discover everything offered is fresh and full of light housing? We’ll tell you then.

Reform of the housing Madrid

The reform of this house on the outskirts of Madrid has been borne by Proyecta Spaces & constructions coordination of Bethlehem Ferrándiz interior. As they explain in the journal New Style, it belongs to a family of a couple and two small children seeking a place cozy and comfortable to spend their weekends and holidays. Stated goal: housing radiates light and freshness thanks to the colors and materials used.

fresh apartment

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Open house

The living room, dining room and kitchen communicate, something that was important to their owners to have visual access to small from anywhere. Thus, the ground floor was left diaphanous and three areas with the same aesthetic line, predominance of white and light wood with aged look with were designed. The kitchen has a breakfast bar and some appliances are hidden under a mirror. The central part of the floor is formed by hydraulic tiles.

The room

White serves as a backdrop to place the precious furniture this room with wooden floor oak and is separated from the staircase leading to the second floor by a low wall. This staircase can be seen from this open area and has a design with very straight lines and a very discreet glass railing.

fresh apartment

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Dining room

The dining area is dominated by a huge photograph of Savannah. The central table is made up of some logs and a glass cover and surrounded by chairs of different styles: metal, wood … also to evoke the image savannah we see a rhino ceramic giving a wild touch to the place.

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The hall

One of the places that I liked this house is the hall. It is located next to the stairs and he found an amazing an moder mirror and a precious lamp The Eight.

fresh apartment

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The master bedroom

The headboard is work and was drawn as, and both sides are two separate closets with wooden doors. Again, the picture is the protagonist of stay, with an image of Anne Birkin black and white. A vain communicates the area of the bed with dressing room and then the bathroom. Dressing area has a closet with a very cool oval mirror and an elegant armchair on a carpet.

The bathroom

We spent the bathroom, which communicates with the bedroom through a sliding door. On the hydraulic ground a wooden cabinet is located. A mirror with gilt frame and wallpaper one wall give great personality to this stay.

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