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Best time of the year for Moving

When it comes to the best time of the year for moving, it all boils down to preference. Each season has its own list of positive and negative reasons in regards to moving. Here is a quick rundown of some advantages and disadvantages for moving from your friends at Attention 2 Detail, during the various seasons.

Winter Positives

  • Trucks are widely available
  • Glendale movers have lighter schedules and can tackle your move sooner
  • Depending on where you are moving to and what services you use, the cost could be lower.

Winter Negatives

  • Winter weather conditions can make driving, loading, and unloading trucks slow, difficult, and dangerous
  • Due to the ice and snow, it can take up to twice as long to move. To make the process easier, you could utilize a moving storage unit for essentials, in case something happens and further slows your move.
  • The days are shorter which means less daylight to take advantage of
  • Holiday will sometime get in the way for scheduling mover and even peoples vacation schedule.

Spring Positives

  • Comfortable weather which lets you work faster and more efficiently
  • The days are longer, which gives you more time to move
  • Kids are still in school so families are less likely to move, and a good selection of trucks are available

Spring Negatives

  • Spring is a rainy time of year, which could hinder your move
  • Costs will increase as gas prices typically go up and demand increases for moving services and products, like trucks
  • Kids are still in school and it can sometime be hard you pull your kids out of school in the middle of the school year

Summer Positives

  • No snow and less rain than other seasons, almost perfect moving weather
  • Longest days of the year, which gives more daylight time for moving
  • Easy driving conditions
  • Kids are no longer in school, making it easier for you to switch schools

Summer Negatives

  • High demand for moving trucks, supplies, services, and Glendale moving company, summer is peak time for people moving
  • Increased gas, truck, services, and product costs associated with moving due to demand
  • High temperatures will require more breaks to hydrate, meaning a slower moving process.
  • Health risks associated with heat

Fall Positives

  • Mild temperatures make moving easier
  • Families aren’t moving due to school starting back up
  • Move availability with trucks and moving companies
  • Lower costs due to a lower demand

Fall Negatives

  • Rainy weather hinders moving
  • Daylight savings time hits again, lowering your available use of daylight to move

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