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A house in total harmony with its surroundings

We continue touring the world and visiting spectacular homes that take us this time to the region of Laurentides in Quebec. Here we find the Residence L’Estrade, a house that was designed in total harmony with its surroundings. It is a project of MU Architecture that took advantage of the rocky and steep topography of the place to adapt the architecture of this house. Today we are going to discover all the details of this special construction, very warm both inside and out.


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A rocky ridge submerged in the lake

The topography of the place acquires a curious form that resembles a rocky ridge that is submerged in the lake. From the study of architecture was sought to create a path that will reach this house and a series of volumes that will save the unevenness of the terrain. Therefore, its overlapping and staggered distribution manages to create several terraces that border the place, achieving a kind of dialogue between the landscape of the place and the architecture itself.

Natural stone walls

The natural stone walls of this dwelling seem to emerge from the floor itself and project into the landscape. The rocks that were extracted in the area in the excavation phase have been reused to design a spectacular landscape around the house, forming a fundamental part of it.


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Different volumes

As we enter this house we discover all its corners through the different volumes. At the entrance, an imposing staircase in a bright area welcomes us. The design lacks columns so they have raised large glass structures, giving the house a great feeling of lightness and allowing natural light to flow throughout the space.

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On the ground floor

From the ground floor we can enjoy wonderful views of the lake, plenty of natural light and a terrace that manages to open the kitchen to the outside. This room, designed in black ash and with integrated furniture, contrasts with the white tones of the walls. In addition, the fireplace located in the area dedicated to relaxation, the adjoining lounge, enhances that cozy feeling. The floors of the house and the terrace are covered with natural wood, something that makes possible a smooth and discreet transition from the interior to the exterior, integrating both spaces.


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The rest of plants

At the top we find the master bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room. If we go down to the basement, we come across a games room where we can play ping pong.

Minimalist style

The house is designed with a minimalist style, without neglecting any detail, so we are moved by an image of elegance and purity, helped by this beautiful way of integrating nature inside. Each aisle takes us to the next area, each more luminous, and we begin to realize that we are in a larger and more complete house than it seemed from the outside. They are spaces that combine intimacy and coexistence through the creation of different environments in each level.

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