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A house in Ibiza and four decorative styles

White pure, natural materials, handicrafts, seafaring soul and spirit hippie-chic define the essence of Ibiza style. A Mediterranean island that serves as inspiration for decorating the house.

In HealthyHousePlans we headed to Ibiza to discover the magic that surrounds this island. Can you come with us? Discover the keys to the Ibizan décor and be captivated by the four styles of the White Island.

Tribute to white

In this little jewel of the Mediterranean it is also known as the White Island. Did you know why? The distinctive architecture of its famous houses dressed all in white are to blame. Some sailors dye houses that decorate the landscape Ibizan giving tourists a unique image.

Therefore, if there is a color that should be present in our decor it is white. Bright, timeless, elegant and versatile white helps us decorate relaxing and serene spaces. A tone also goes well with natural wood and rustic look, which is another feature of Ibizan style decoration.

house in Ibiza

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Seafaring soul

If we have to bet on a color to brighten up the Ibizan décor, we were blue. Turquoise, sailor, aqua … In any shade, blue is the protagonist of the houses of Ibiza.

A color that also brings us closer sailor spirit that permeates the paradisiacal beaches of Ibiza, with fine white sand and crystalline waters. Of course, we should not forget the sailors patterns that are present in the household textiles. Other decorative details such as ropes, lanterns, shells, seascapes and paintings with other pieces inspired by the Mediterranean help us refresh an Ibizan house.

In addition to its beaches and its lively nightlife, Ibiza is also well known for its handicrafts. Teachers artisan working hard to create unique pieces and features of this region.

Pitchers, decorative plates, vases and other similar pieces bring us closer to the most authentic and traditional Ibiza. Handcrafted designs that are made from traditional materials such as ceramics, clay and natural fibers.

house in Ibiza

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Hippie and bohemian

Ibiza also has an irresistible charm hippie chic that contrasts with the serenity of white and freshness of the sea. Ethnic prints, bright colors and bohemian inspiration put the touch of character to these spaces. Therefore, in the Ibizan houses there is also room for carpets and cushions with prints exotic. Ideal to add warmth to spaces. In fact, in outdoor environments, textiles distributed across the floor help us create a magical corner chill out.

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Of course, Ibiza is an island of contrasts and great cultural wealth. Something that is also seen in the decoration, where maritime inspiration coexists with ethnic charm and peace that permeates the rural Ibiza.

house in Ibiza

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The most rural Ibiza

Solid wood, organic shapes, inspired rustic design, natural fiber baskets, rattan outdoor furniture … All these pieces put us in contact with the unknown Ibiza: a more rural and rustic. Because that is Ibiza, we can spend a day on the mountain, visit craft fairs or freshen up with the gentle sea breeze.

Now you just have to find the look that best suits your tastes and your personality. Tribute to white, air sailors, hippie and bohemian spirit or rustic beauty? If you cannot travel to the island of Ibiza, you can always bring your essence to your home. Just do not forget enhance outdoor environments because outdoor spaces are protagonists of traditional Ibizan houses.

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