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8 recommendations to improve your home decor

Often we do not know that, with very little, we can enhance the decor of any room. So today I bring 8 basic, very simple and easy recommendations to apply at any time to get that new air stay copper and has a new look, aesthetically care and functional at the same time with so much personality and style. No need to practically nothing! Details are sometimes overlooked but can become very interesting. Do you want to know? Then we will see everything.

1. The paint color

Can often be sufficient to paint the walls of a room of another color to acquire a completely different look. The light is different in each room and some colors will be more flattering than others. You must think if you are looking for relaxing environments or favoring concentration, for example.

improve your home decor

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2. Carpets

There are three basic ways to distribute the furniture around a carpet; if you do any of the three you will get enhance the decor of the room in question. You can do this by putting furniture on it; leaving all out as if to touch the front feet of each, or something in between, leaving only above the front legs of furniture. This will provide feeling of openness.

3. Leave space

It is important to leave enough space between the furniture to move easily. Sometimes we want to fill the rooms of things, and more, and not why we are decorating better. Use furniture and objects necessary, without saturating, and get a more fluid interior design, comfortable and pleasant to stay and travel.

improve your home decor

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4. Create focal points

A focal point is the point to which our attention is directed. It’s good that you choose an element to it, which stand out over others and attract all eyes. It need not necessarily be larger in size.

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5. Note the dimensions of the room

Sometimes we buy a piece of furniture or accessory and love in the store, but we have not measured the available space in the room where it will be placed and, when you get home, check that does not help anything to the decor , because it looks too big or very small. Therefore, it is important midas well and study space where will that item before you buy it, so you’re sure you’re hitting your choice.

6. Opting for a special cabinet

If you have already made space for your decor “breathe” it is time to choose a piece of furniture or object that stands out. A trunk as a coffee table, a beautiful cupboard style vintage … Get yourself a unique piece; I do not mean with this or too big or too expensive, simply special.

improve your home decor

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7. It combines various lighting

Artificial lighting should be personalized in each room, depending on the distribution of it and what are going to do it. It’s great that you create different spaces of light, i.e. do not let a central lamp for the entire room; It includes different points of light, for example, in the kitchen cupboards, on a table or in your reading corner. Try to be a general light but also other environment.

8. Incorporates textures

It is not necessary that everything is perfectly matched to each other. In fact, you get to create a very special decoration if you mix textures and you include something shiny with matte other things, soft textiles on sturdy furniture, accessories glass on wooden tables…

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