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6 common mistakes in home decor and ideas to solve them

No one said that decorating a house was easy. Especially at the beginning, it is quite common to incur certain faults that, simply by ignorance, can cause us not to be exploiting the full potential of our home. Today I want to show you six habitual mistakes that you may be about to commit or even have already committed, but also give your ideas to solve.

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1- Pictures hung very low or excessively high

A very frequent mistake is to place the pictures too high or too low. What is advisable is that these are at the height of the view, although if people live with different measures will have to reach an agreement. It is also important that you observe the whole scene, if they are on the sofa, alone on a wall, leaning on the floor … What surrounds the painting to be able to design a composition as harmonious as possible.

2- Do not think about lighting when decorating

When you arrive at your new home, you will want to have it immediately filled with furniture and accessories. Paint that wall of your favorite color. However, this can become a fatal mistake since it is crucial to know how natural light in the room is affected, since the tones may vary, there may be reflections on the television or the color chosen for the wall can create an effect strange. So first look at this before you paint, before buying certain furniture and before distributing them in the room.

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3- Forget the functionality

The aesthetics in the decoration is very important. But you should not only guide that. Obviously, the furniture and decorative accessories you have to like but it is fundamental that you have the functionality clear when choosing them, and maybe in some cases you should be more destitute for what is practical rather than pretty. Especially with elements such as, for example, the sofa. It will not do to buy the most current trend of the market with a spectacular design if you feel uncomfortable when you sit down.

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4- Buy furniture without measuring the stay

The arrows exist. That’s why you may be walking through that decoration shop, you have seen an incredible piece of furniture or an accessory and you have bought it, with that impulse that the arrows have. You go home and, well, it does not fit in the hole you had thought, or do not glue with the rest of things around. The solution is easy: you have to measure. It is worth it to try to leave it reserved for another day or to go home to measure and come back for it that you arrive at the estancia and discover that the purchase has not been successful.

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5- Painted walls without connection

This does not mean that you have to paint them all the same or much less. But it is true that when a house keeps a certain harmony between all its rooms offers a much more careful, serene and welcoming. If you choose white, the solution is easy. If you fancy playing with colors, you can use different ranges of the same key, for example, or include in a room a decorative object of one color that you have used on the wall of another.

6- Do not pay attention to artificial lighting

Before we talked about natural light, but it is also very important to take into account the artificial. It is not enough to put a ceiling lamp and now. You must introduce more points of light that fit the needs of each scenario within the same room. The ideal is to combine general lighting with an ambient and a spotlight.

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