No matter where you work, you might need to deal with a knocked-over plant pot or a coffee spill that can’t wait for the after-hours professional cleaning team. Here are four must-have items for your workplace cleaning supplies cupboard.

1. Rags

From wiping up messes to buffing and dusting surfaces, rags allow you to efficiently deal with the situation at hand. Even better, today’s market offers recycled rags, which help you to green up your workplace. Consider investing in a stash of janitorial cleaning rags that offer all-purpose, heavy-duty, and absorbent wiping options.

2. Bucket

Even if you choose to store cleaning items inside it, a bucket is the VIP of the cleaning supplies cupboard. Look for a sturdy model with an ergonomic or molded handle that won’t dig into your hand when it’s weighed down. From wringing soaked rags into it to using it as a catchment vessel for a quick s-bend repair, you’ll find many uses for your trusty bucket.

3. All-Purpose Cleaner

There are many all-purpose cleaners on supermarket and home improvement store shelves today. Look for a product that covers a wide range of uses and surfaces, and choose an eco-friendly brand if green products are important to you and your colleagues. Buying in bulk is a cost-effective idea for many companies. First, make sure you have the storage space to accommodate the product.

4. Gloves

Whether you opt for rubber gloves or reusable latex options, kudos to you for keeping your hands protected while you tackle a clean-up. Many companies choose to keep a box of disposable gloves in communal spaces, such as break rooms, for employees’ protection. Gloves are especially important when the clean-up is exceptionally messy or bacteria-, mold- or mildew-related.

These four must-have items should stand you in good stead for most workplace clean-ups. Happy cleaning to you and your colleagues!

By Henry

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